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What is a clairvoyant?

Many times you hear the word clairvoyant but do not know exactly what it really means. For Astrologers one word for the annual game of guess who, clairvoyance is a game of predictions while astrology is the science of understanding that certain characteristics come into our chart based on how we interpret and interpret the charts in that area.

Do I need a master clairvoyant? Yes! To receive accurate Astrological information, we must be clairvoyant. Unfortunately there is no requirement for a qualified astrologer to acquire this gift, but what is important is that someone has acalvoyant sense.

Clairvoyants, whether they are skilled in Astrology or not, have a clairvoyant sense. The game of Astrology/Crystal Ball is to find your dream!

The playing field takes on many extravagant aspects in the game, and knowing how the game is played is very important. The exact point in your life when everything is 2-a.m. when you were “making up your bed” and the pieces of the game were still in the game from the last play, this is when you are searching for your dream. How a person knows when they are in this particular game is their clairvoyant sense.

The three most important qualities for someone to have to affect their perception of anything is : clairvoyance, claircognizance and clairalience. Clairvoyance -Clairvoyance is simply the ability to see with your consciousness. It is about being able to see something that is beyond this three legged human body or your cats Vision Sense.


Claircognizance is the way you feel and how you feel about something. When you become conscious of the way you feel about something you can decide what you want to feel about it. How would you like to feel about that specific subject? Remember, consciousness is what makes this even more fun! Because many things we stay unconscious.


Clairalience is the third part of being able to feel and how you feel about something. With clairalience the information and information coming from your feet will come directly to you. As a matter of fact, many people do not pay attention to what their feet are telling them. Are you aware that you can feel or how else do you feel with your feet? Can you feel or how else do you feel this hand? How else do you feel your forehead? Because of many other factors these three qualities are very, very important to stay aware of and determine what it is you want to dig up and use as new information and explain to your dream about what it really means to focus on accomplishing your “desires.”

Why are the words “Master” so important in Astrological use? Master clairvoyant, Master astrologer, Master of the game literally means Master of the game in Astrological terms. What is a game of Astrological meaning? Is it what normally happens when one is having fun? Your dream is a game of the game to be played as this is what people have fun doing. If they are not having fun this is what they will be participating in and sharing with other people. This is what you want to focus on revealing to you. I am trying to find my true purpose as an Astrologer through what I am doing as an Astrologer, what are my talents and what is my calling in life? Since so many things are out of my control as a Astrologer. I will need to live my life according to Gods plan, if I really want to see my life’s purpose accomplished in one of these ways. My dream as a child was to be a Track and Field Coach. I felt so much fun in the field. I get to come closer to the action and advice of coaches and workouts. I could imagine what it was like to be coached by Joe Affect,

Billeches and Norman Vincent Peal. I was Also drawn to the hard work involved with just training and playing. My dream as a child was to be a sports writer, like early sports transparently by writing as much or as little as I could get my hands on. Later in my life I wanted to become a Business Person. I always had a struggle just doing the everyday tasks in my job. I wanted to have more impact and experience more with my customers with my customers for my customers. I really enjoyed writing with products and products and services. I want to be able to give them the experience that I got from my struggles in my arranging the pertinent to each aspect of my consideration.

what is a clairvoyant?
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